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...And We Do More For The Small Business Owner

Are you anxious to solve your business challenge today? Are you trying to grow your business? Do you find it hard to explain it to someone who’s only trying to sell you services? And who’s unwilling to walk with you until you completely solve your problem. I mean completely.

Let me tell you. You’re not alone in the Houston small business owner world experiencing this very same problem.

Fortunately, our coaching program will equip you and will help you see the problem in a different way. So you can think of possible solutions and consider the choices – even if you aren’t in the market for a business coach.

We give you world-class tools and templates, which have been proved to work again and again for small business owners, just like you. It’ll make it easier for you to grow your business.

Let’s explore Profitability Coach Houston. And I’m not going to tell you it’s a quick fix. In fact, it’s not a magic bullet. It’s a silver bullet – simple, yet effective.

Both of us will do our part in dissecting, analyzing, probing and solving the challenge at the lowest cost to you.

It’s very different from a consultant who charges by the hour to solve a single problem for you, regardless of cost. I mean your cost!

We do differently. We create awareness for the full potential of your business. We educate you on best practices, which have worked over and over again for businesses, just like yours. Then, we keep you on the hook until we solve each business challenge. That’s the job of a business coach.

How does that sound for commitment? And we mean it.

Our executive coaching Houston will “beam you up” – from where you are now to where you want to go – your vision for your business. 

And move you must, if your Houston area small business has to compete and you want to grow your business in this tricky economy. 

Combining our 20-year industry expertise in growing profitable businesses with world-class tools, we tailor our solution to your specific business challenge.

We use a unique interview and conversation to build a bridge connecting your business challenges to our proved solutions. Solutions for the small business owner, which we’ve proved in more than 80 countries. 

This means we work with you closely to uncover your top business challenges that are stifling your business. 

Your actions as the small business owner need to precisely attract your ideal clients so you grow your sales when others shrink. And recover more personal time from your business. After all, your family and kids need you too.

Wouldn’t you agree this is light-years beyond just executive coach Houston for the small business owner?…

If you ask me, it’s light-years beyond where small business owners end up–simply because they didn’t know the power of our coaching program.

For this to work right, we have work to do.

1) You Must Align Teams With Your Small Business Strategy...

Easier said than done–we recognize it. That’s why we are here to help.

In our business coaching Houston method, we work with you to craft a laser sharp strategy for your business.

Some small business owners think they don’t have one. Believe me, they do. It’s the default strategy when you have none. It’s the one that drives your time. And the time for all the people who work for you.

We work with you on your strategic plan – the one that builds your daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly plans. You gain more from your investment in an executive coach for your small business. More than you know.

You get our proved ideas. Our solutions. Our suggestions for your small business growth. We’ll do all this using email exchanges in rapid succession after each coaching session. 

It works like magic...

This collaborative method ferrets out of you what’s best for your business.

The word “coaching” today has taken on so many definitions. It has nuances. It has interpretations that are different for different people.

For us, it’s all about you–the small business owner. 

We know our business. We want you to succeed in solving every challenge special to your business condition. 

There are many out there who apply a different context to “coaching”. 

And I ask you: “Aren’t you tired of small business coaches who know a great deal about coaching and yet so little about your business challenges?

2) When You Work With Us You’ll Become Clear On Your Small Business Strategy

When we work with you, who you want to attract, what business problems you solve and how you work will distinctly become clear to you. 

You may think that you already know this.

In our experience, the small business owner has barely “scratched the surface” when we start working together. 

Many small business owners build a shield around them. It doesn’t happen overnight. It’s one of those things that develops over time. When we start, it’s sometimes hard for the business owner to ask for help. 

They feel vulnerable. And we understand. 

They aren’t sure if we’ll treat them like the last consultant. The one who charged them “an arm and a leg” and still didn’t help solve their pressing business issue. It’s not about business consulting in Houston

We believe the executive coach has a duty. It’s to develop a method to go deep and explore how to grow and expand your business. 

Some may not believe in it. We do.

Coaching is that flame we use to illuminate and help boost your revenue and profit. We guide you in increasing value to your clients, so you position your small business to increase prices. 

Isn’t that what you’d love to have?

3) Our Coaching Program Crisply Defines What’s Best For The Business Owner

Crystal clarity moves the business owner to let go of failed strategies.

Many coaching clients (executives we’ve coached) comment on the creative and careful thought we give in guiding them to actions that bring lasting results. 

They tell us how much more assured they feel running their businesses. They seem renewed and inspired by the methods we use when working together to carry out coaching suggestions.

It’s gratifying for us when we see successful small business owners. It makes us proud. That’s what it’s all about.

We pride in our work when our coaching method rockets your business profits. When it aligns your teams. When it helps you seize your time from the business and spend it with your family.

We can work with you when you want to...

  • bring your customers to you instead of your overseas competition.
  • reduce turnover and increase productivity in your small business.
  • grow your revenues without spending a penny on advertising costs. 
  • reduce your cash gap so you don’t sweat over your bank account each month.
  • have your team make good finance decisions all the time
  • get your new killer product idea from your customers
  • distinguish yourself from your competitors. In fact, we’ve written an ebook just to do that and you can download it from here: “11 Steps To Make Prospects Want To Buy Exclusively From You”.
  • stop playing the “me too” game...”Yes, we can do this for less than our competitor.”
  • create the product your customer needs...not the one your employees think the customer needs.
  • use your valuable technologies and talent to address more markets.
  • deliver value your customer appreciates.
  • develop a method so your customer buys from your business over and over again.
  • stop getting emergency phone calls from the irate customer.
  • meet deadlines without taking up massive overtime hours from your lifestyle
  • build a culture where your employees care about your business and the customers like it’s their own

Our coaching program will help you avoid these 7 frustrations...

  • You don’t know if your advertising is paying for itself
  • Your team doesn’t treat your customers like you do
  • You have inconsistent sales and service
  • You’re working longer hours than your employees 
  • You’re losing quotes to your competitors
  • Cash flow. You sell enough but the money isn’t there at the end of the month
  • Your business depends too much on you 

…And so much more, which showcases our coaching program excellence.

4) Our 6 Executive Coaching Promises To You

If you, the small business owner take action as we guide you , we assure you:

  1. You’ll get results, and you’ll be able to “Recover our Coaching Fee” inside 4 months or we'll coach for FREE
  2. We’ll remain fully confidential about your business
  3. We’ll tailor our approach for your specific business and for you, the business owner
  4. We’ll bring success in business growth by methods we’ve proved in more than 80 countries
  5. We’ll show the business owner how to create a profitable business and reach the “Freedom” stage of the 5-stage business growth model
  6. We’ll remap your business for its full potential 

Where to Next For The Houston Area Business Owner?

If you’re the kind of person who wants to know more about our small business program, and how it’s different from business consulting, you’d surely be asking this question.  Who Exactly Is Profitability Coach Houston And Whom Can We Help In Business Coaching Houston To Get Explosive Results? 

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