Who We Like To Serve Largely In The Houston Small Business Owner Community

We want to serve the small business owner mainly in the Houston and surrounding areas having sales over $5 million in Manufacturing, Engineering, IT, Software, Chiropractic Firms, Dentists, Fitness Clubs and various others.

…The Smart Houston Business Owner Who Is Ready To Improve In The Areas Of Time, Team And Money And Is Keenly Aware He Or She Faces Stiff Competition And Wants To Be On Top Of His or Her Game    


small business owner we serve in executive coaching

Serving The Small Business Owner Mainly In The Houston And Surrounding Areas

Do any of these expressions make you feel it's you they're talking about?

  1. You want to spend less time at work so you have more time for your family. 
  • You’ve already served many clients and want your Houston area business to run on its own, without daily supervision, while producing positive cash flow. 
  • You want to recover your time from business for personal life...using our TIME MANAGEMENT PLAN and APPRENTICESHIP PLAN.
  1. You want your teams to be productive so you can spend your time on making money. 
  • You want people working for you to communicate well, spend their time wisely and understand your vision for the business. 
  • You want to align your teams...using our one page STRATEGIC PLAN, TEAM BUILDING METHOD and TEAM MEETING RHYTHM.
  1. You’re a driven and determined Houston area small business owner. 
  • You’re hardworking, and have a fixed roster of satisfied clients. Your business is well-known, though not realizing full revenue from serving your market. 
  • You want to grow your profits more than 60%...using our TACTICAL MARKETING PLAN, SALES MANAGEMENT METHOD AND USP

Our Client, The Houston Area Business Owner, Sells Products And Services…

…And Wants Professional Business Coaching For Explosive Results

Business coaching to run small businesses is different from taking it up 5 levels and position it for sale at an outstanding price. 

You—the small business owner—is right now an intimate part of your business. 

When you’re moving up the business growth stages, it gets easier to separate yourself from your business. 

Your prospects must trust your Houston business to decide to buy from you. Feeling like they know your business and its people is an important part of getting prospects to buy your products and services.

If you’re my client, you could face this right now:

  1. You’re too busy making money in your business to take up business coaching or try to increase productivity. 
  • As a Houston business owner, you need new business strategies and you could get executive coaching, but it costs you too much when you take time away from the business. 
  • Every hour you spend not selling to your market is costly to you. 
  • You don’t want to spend your time to get business coaching when you could be making money instead
  1. Your successful business has changed dramatically, but your business strategies do not yet reflect the change
  • You’ve made many changes to the business, but haven’t had time to adopt business strategies for the new market. 
  • It wastes your time to explore new methods aligned to the market, and takes momentum away from sales. 
  • So you’re not ready for business coaching 
  1. You’re ready to devise your business strategies and upgrade your offerings. 
  • You’re in transition, where you’re ready to make changes. 
  • You’re going a new direction or combining services to offer greater value to clients. It’s an exciting time, full of thrilling new ideas. 
  • You want to get this new work out into the market quickly. 
  • So executive coaching for you as the business owner isn’t priority
  1. You want to work with a different target market who's more committed and pays more. 
  • You want longer engagements that are more profitable. 
  • You prefer to spend less time marketing and more time delivering services. 
  • You’re ready to re-orient your business to attract an upgraded market. 
  • You’re ready for executive coaching as the business owner
  1. What you say about your business isn’t showing up in your actions. 
  • When you talk to a prospect about what you do, you’re passionate and excited. Yet, your business growth strategies seem out of place. 
  • They don’t seem or “feel” like you have it together. 
  • You wouldn’t buy your services from what you, the business owner says to your prospects.

Which Business Owner Benefits The Most From Our Executive Coaching?

These Types of Clients Get the Most Powerful Results.

We’ve worked with many clients to fulfill their business challenges. You’ll succeed more if: 

  1. You want to grow your Houston business, increase your revenue, and attract more clients more easily. 
  • Even though you are already a successful business owner, you’re ready to evaluate new ideas, revamp, and grow the business.
  1.  You feel that your business could be moving to the next stage, and know what that means. 
  • You believe in it as a business owner and commit yourself to fulfill your vision
  1. You’re already a successful business owner, and want to increase the success of your Houston business. 
  • If it’s a new or first business, you have a business-oriented background. If you’re just beginning a business, you have a solid grounding in your skills and a strong foundation.
  1. You’re an action oriented business owner and follow through on your commitments. 
  • You don’t believe in excuses or procrastination. You’ve got “fire in the belly” to succeed in business.
  1. You’re the kind of business owner who is open to transforming your business. 
  • You’re willing to consider new choices for extra revenue. 
  • You want to fine tune delivery or other aspects of the business. You’re excited by its potential and willing to “try on” new ideas. 
  • You aren’t one to do what you’ve always done.
  1. You want to hunt new markets, or expand the current market. 
  • You want to carve out a new niche, or drop old target markets. You recognize that your target market drives your marketing. You’re always excited by changing and improving your business.

Our Clients Are Willing To Change What They Do As A Business Owner Now!

They’re the best—brilliant and successful—and they want to be even more successful. 

When you’re considering to revise your business and get executive coaching:

1. Focus on Growing Sales

  • Be prepared for a notable flood in business. When investing in executive coaching, be sure that your investment pays off in revenue and profit–and you understand the payback period. That includes the time and fulfilling actions from coaching. If new business strategies won’t add to your net profit, is it a good investment?

2. Be Strategic

  • Build your marketing and marketing materials on a sound strategy. Know what you want to do with your business. Make sure that your executive coaching sessions will help you achieve your strategic goals. Be intentional in actions you take in your business. Be willing to take your business BEYOND the next stage.

3. Spend Your Marketing Budget On Attracting Your Target Market

  • Make sure the money you have budgeted for marketing brings you targeted clients. Creating or revising your marketing methods is critical to your current strategic initiatives. You know exactly where you want to take your business and who you want to work with. Use your savvy to bring your target market to you.

Where to Next In Executive Coaching For The Small Business Owner?

Now that you know the kinds of clients we work with, you’d want to know How Exactly Do We Engineer Explosive Results For The Business Owner Like You? to learn a little about how we serve our clients.

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