How We’re Different

How We're Not Like Any Business You've Seen As The Houston Business Owner

Combining 20-year industry expertise in growing profitable small businesses in over 80 countries and driven lifetime achievements, we string together our “pearls” in best practices just to make YOU successful faster. I invite you to explore profitability coach Houston to grow the business.


Using Unique Selling Point–Much Like The Red Ball In The Picture

In Service For The Houston Business Owner:

  • We offer a 30-minute FREE interview to understand current challenges the business owner faces and see if we'll fit working together
  • We conduct a 90-minute FREE in-person consultation to go over business challenges for the business owner in more detail and explain coaching programs
  • We’ll conduct 1 month FREE Bronze coaching before the business owner can decide to buy the business coaching Houston program
  • We’ll give away a FREE Financial Report to the business owner showing how your business is performing in comparison to industry competitors in the area
  • We’ll perform a FREE scorecard evaluation of the challenges the business owner faces to grow the business

In Convenience For The Houston Business Owner:

  • We do coach over Skype so clients don't have to waste time in travel
  • We have access to world-class tools, templates and other resources to solve any business challenge for the business owner
  • We’ll have the business owner pay only if satisfied with service after one month of FREE BRONZE coaching, or cancel with no obligation
  • As a business coach, we’ll address problems quickly by email exchanges with the business owner following the coaching sessions, saving time
  • We’ll have easy referral for the small business owner to other partners who could do–
    • Accounting (Payroll, Taxation)
    • Finance (In-depth Business Valuation, Investments)
    • Legal (Acquisitions, Divestments, Real Estate)

In Choice For The Houston Business Owner:

  • We take monthly coaching payments with no commitments beyond one month at a time for the business owner
  • We offer 4 types of executive coaching Houston programs for the business owner–Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum

In Technology And Innovation For The Houston Business Owner:

  • We offer to place small business in innovation quadrant through unique evaluation and action steps in six business areas for the business owner
  • We offer "state of the art" assessment for top tier business performance and aligning teams to grow the business in any economy 

Where Should The Houston Area Business Owner Go For More

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