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How We're Not Like Any Business You've Seen

Combining 20-year industry expertise in growing profitable small businesses in over 80 countries and driven lifetime achievements, we string together our “pearls” in best practices just to make YOU successful faster. I invite you to explore the Profitability Coach in Houston to help you know how to run a business profitably.


Using Unique Selling Point–Much Like The Red Ball In The Picture

In Service For The Houston Business Owner:

  • We offer a 30-minute FREE interview to understand current issues the business owner faces and see if we'll fit working together
  • We conduct a 90-minute FREE in-person consultation to go over business problems for the business owner in more detail and explain coaching services
  • We’ll conduct 1 month FREE Bronze coaching before the business owner can decide to buy the business coaching Houston program
  • We’ll give away a FREE Financial Report to the business owner showing how your business is performing in comparison to industry competitors in the area
  • We’ll perform a FREE scorecard evaluation of the issues the business owner faces to grow the business

In Convenience For The Houston Business Owner:

  • We do coach over Skype so clients don't have to waste time in travel
  • We have access to world-class tools, templates and other resources to solve any business problem for the business owner
  • We’ll have the business owner pay only if satisfied with services after one month of FREE BRONZE coaching, or cancel with no obligation
  • As a business coach, we’ll address problems quickly by email exchanges with the business owner following the coaching sessions, saving time
  • We’ll have easy referral for the small business owner to other partners who could do–
    • Accounting (Payroll, Taxation)
    • Finance (In-depth Business Valuation, Investments)
    • Legal (Acquisitions, Divestments, Real Estate)

In Choice For The Houston Business Owner:

  • We take monthly coaching payments with no commitments beyond one month at a time for the business owner
  • We offer 4 types of executive coaching services in Houston for the business owner –– Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum

In Technology And Innovation For The Houston Business Owner:

  • We offer to place the small business in the innovation quadrant through unique evaluation and action steps in six business areas for the business owner
  • We offer "state of the art" assessment for top tier business performance and aligning teams to grow the business in any economy 

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