Small Business Self-Evaluation 

Small Business Evaluation Report


Small Business Self-Evaluation Report Houston

Wouldn’t you like to know where your small business Houston is falling short? And take action so you can get ahead of your competitors?

You can complete this invaluable small business self-evaluation survey Houston fully online. We will deliver a PDF report showing you where you stand. We will deliver it right to your email box. This report will aid the Houston small business owner to:

  • Recover time from the business
  • Grow profits
  • Align business teams

The report will uncover specific areas for improving the business. It will address 21 areas of time, team and money so the small business Houston owner knows where to focus efforts.

  • unique selling point–have you got a profitable niche in your target market?
  • current business plan–do you have a solid business plan?
  • breakeven plan–can you pass your breakeven point quickly?
  • revenue and profit budget–have you built an achievable revenue and profit budget?
  • tactical marketing plan–can you create opportunities with new and existing customers?
  • sales management method–can you produce a high performance sales team that delivers results?
  • team building method–have you aligned your full team with the company’s mission so they move successfully through the disorder stage?
  • cash gap plan–have you ensured adequate working capital?
  • employee acquisition plan–can you attract employees to your business?
  • psychometric profiling method–can you attract high quality employees to your business?
  • key performance indicator method–do you drive your team for high performance?
  • performance incentive plan–can you motivate your team?
  • strategic plan–do you have vision and strategic business objectives?
  • team meeting rhythm–have you aligned team energy?
  • time management plan–do you spend time and energy on moneymaking tasks?
  • organization plan–does your whole team know how to move work forward?
  • operations and training manual–do you have a method to train employees to do their job effectively?
  • lean manufacturing plan–do you have a method to compete stronger?
  • apprenticeship plan–have you transferred the “low value” tasks to your team?
  • leadership development plan–have you prepared your management to take over the business on your behalf?
  • comprehensive exit strategy–have you got a plan to sell your business profitably?

Get started now! We are standing by to support you all the way.

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