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So Who Is Suresh Iyengar?


Suresh Iyengar, P.E.––Offers Explosive Results For Business Profitability

I've worked mostly in industrial companies for the past 20 years. I poured my passion to help discover how to grow and run a business. I invite you to explore my services as the "Creative Profitability Coach" in Houston.

It didn't come naturally. 

It didn’t happen overnight. Instead, it came as an overall plan for survival. 

In 2005-2006, after surviving a catastrophe, I stumbled into the best discovery. I joined Stanford University’s Advanced Project Management program. It was a turning point. It gave me great ideas for my career and my life. 

I began to experience unstoppable change. I wanted to share it. I did a pilot program evaluating a small business unit in a Fortune 500 company. It brought 40% gross profits. That spun many ideas to grow the business. Some of which are still churning in me today.

In the past 20 years I've had some remarkable stories about finishing projects for customers. Some didn’t make it. I learned the most from the few that didn’t succeed.

Biggest Accomplishment: “I helped a Fortune 500 company increase order intake 43% by driving a program to certify 200 senior project managers. Each certified senior project manager had to build skills and abilities to handle a $30m dollar project."

When I started to manage projects over 20 years ago I wasn’t so keen in listening.

I wanted to cut costs and deliver on time. 

When people asked about my project teams. I said: "They need to just get it done, whatever it takes." What the heck does that mean? It took me a long time to listen to people.

Through long discovery I've gone through barricades, frustration and struggle. It’s the same my clients saw. And I have empathy for them. I’ve felt it.

Finally I found the mystery of sales. I realized it wasn't hard after all. 

I've always tried to stick to one key principle: stress simple steps people can use to attract new clients. 

I also do my best to practice what I suggest. My efforts now bring me great possibilities, which I gear for. My goal is to show you how you can do that as well (without spending a fortune or going nuts). You can then glean over them.

I'm always working to stretch the limits. I decide quickly and focus long term.

For example, I still read business books extensively. I’m never satisfied with status quo. Every learning opportunity took me one step further.

It didn’t quench my thirst. Instead, it made me hungry for applying the knowledge I gained. I want to help others in doing it faster. And do it without spending many years I had to spend.

Now, I write E-books. It’s one way to give back as a business coach. And create a winning streak for small business owners. And do it inexpensively for them.

I offer creative solutions (versus making it complex). 

Everyone wants to make a difference. Don’t you? That's why you go into business. 

But as your business moves on, you might struggle. 

When you offer creative solutions, selling becomes simpler. You focus on the value you offer. It's a sharp shift in focus.

Imagine making more than average profits as a small business owner? 

What if you could double or triple your business ability? And do it in few months.

I've done it. And so have my clients. My success rests on my ability to coach, sell my services and break through my self-imposed limits. 

There's no reason you can't do the same. I’ve done if for small business units in over 80 countries. And I did it over and over.

I worked for one Fortune 500 Company then. I can bring the same success to any small business owner. It is the benefit of my rich experience. I focus on building profit-making businesses.

I have worked for large companies. Now I work for me. 

After 20 years of focused work with Fortune 500 companies, I am now working with small business owners. I do one-on-one Business Coaching sessions. 

I’m confident you’ll find my Internet site a great place for becoming a better business owner. It will help you grow your small business and stretch your potential.

If it helps you, drop me a line. I’d love to hear from you.

P.S. Do you read business books? I’m a voracious reader. I’d like to invite you to some of the Ebooks Ive written. 

P.P.S. Taking quick action has helped me in my life. And I recommend it to small business owners I talk to. Get our Business Coaching Houston program today!

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