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Most people want to quickly grow their business. We all want our business to run by itself. Nobody wants the business to push us around.

Does any of this make you feel it's YOU they're talking about?

Your Urge to Do Everything Yourself is Out of Control . . .

You can’t cope.  You are spinning your wheels doing everything in your small business yourself.  You just can’t delegate.  You feel only you can do it right. 

You Don’t Want to Spend Time on Small Business Bookkeeping . . .

You realize Bookkeeping is necessary. You also feel it is tedious and time-consuming. You feel it is not directly helping to move your small business forward. You don’t want to spend time on it.

You Forget Customers are Assets . . .

You realize every Customer wants you to remember them and value them. You find that you or your team does not measure customer lifetime value. You feel it takes commitment to give your team the right data so they can treat your small business customers for their loyalty. 

You Want to Hire The Right People . . .

You realize hiring employees takes time and effort. You find that hiring the wrong people can cost you thousands of dollars. You feel it takes a better approach to hire the right people in your small business without spending too much money. 

You Don’t Want to Spend Time on Collecting Money (Accounts Receivable) . . .

You don’t want to stop doing your important projects and spend time repeatedly collecting past due invoices. You feel frustrated that there are people out there who take advantage of small business owners. You feel it is important to work with the right clients to survive in a competitive market. 

You Want to Manage Huge Customer Expectations . . .

You realize you’re not Amazon or Apple. You find that you can’t offer free services like the giants. You feel it takes a better approach to get clients to understand the deep value you offer through your small business services and products. 

You Want Employees to Treat Your Business as Their Own . . .

You realize that employees have a different degree of commitment to your small business. You find that it hurts your small business when employees don’t care for your customers. You feel you want a way to make your employees to treat your small business as their own.

You Want Marketing ROI . . .

You realize that marketing takes a big cut from your small business working capital. You find that it hurts your business when you need more sales to make a profit when marketing expenses are out of control. You feel you want a return on your marketing investment and be able to measure it clearly.                                     


Offering business coaching services for small businesses in the Houston and surrounding areas

One small business owner said: “I’ve used consultants before. They charged an arm and a leg. And didn’t solve our business problem.” 

We want small business owners to be clear. We don’t do consulting. We don’t claim to be experts in your business –– we focus as profitability coach in Houston. And you are always going to be the expert in your business. 

Our job as your small business online coach is to steer your work to grow your business. We do it using tools and templates. Our weekly or biweekly coaching services will guide you step by step so you solve each business challenge. 

Together, we will set priorities for business challenges. And then look at solving them continually.

Another small business owner remarked: “I’ve been in business 30 years. I don’t need any coaching.” That’s a classic example of someone who could have increased his or her business potential. It’s possible they have mastered their business. It’s possible they don’t have any more to learn––which I doubt though––because we learn every day.

But the question such small business owners need to ask is: Can I sell the business at the price I want? And still fulfill my dreams? That’s where it helps to have “outside the box” thinking. Online small business coaching gives you someone who stands by your side and sets objectives. It makes continual improvements to grow your business.

For example, our small business coaching in Houston steps recommend a business valuation every quarter. Are you getting one? If not, you may not be preparing to reach the lifestyle stage of your business. That’s what coaching is all about. It raises the small business to each higher level.

Every small business owner can gain from business valuation. We do it inexpensively right here: Small Business Valuation

Be prepared to give us three years of cash flow to get small business valuation. You will need clear books so you can fill out the spreadsheet we send you. If you haven’t got one in the last quarter, isn’t it time you get one now? I urge you to try our bookkeeping service. It’s much cheaper than getting it from a full-blown accounting practice.

Every small business in coaching starts with a small business evaluation. It helps discover the performance level. It sets the stage for our focus. It tells us which business issues are halting progress. Then we look at priorities. 

It’s like a car diagnostic. Before repair, you could see where the problems are. Then you go fix the urgent problems first.

Many consultants jump straight to solve the problem. That’s where we differ. We want to evaluate the business before we suggest next steps. It pays in the long term. Our coaching services are unlike standard Houston business consulting.

We believe every small business has 3 steps to major focus before it evolves: net profit, cash flow and then ROI.

When small businesses start, net profit is most important. Next, growth is possible only when cash flow is steady. Finally ROI is the step that finds the business value. It prepares the business for sale or merger. 

Few business owners think about selling the business in the heat of activity. But it’s reality. It comes sooner than most expect.

If small businesses have done their evaluation they’ve taken the first step. If they have done business valuation every quarter, they already know what their business is worth. It’s the straightforward method of finding value using cash flow.

When small businesses are readying for sale, they can add two more forms of business valuation. One is market based and the other is asset based. You don’t have to go searching for Houston business consulting services. It’s right here.

Combining three methods will find accurate net worth. It will assure the business owner that your price is right. 

It will put you in the driver’s seat to find buyers who recognize the value. And the same buyers will pay premium price to buy your business.

It’s time for small businesses to forecast their lifestyle retirement. We have the tools to make it accurate. Why not use them to your advantage? 


Suresh Iyengar describing the ideal client for Small Business Online Profitability Coaching

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