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Sooner or later you are going to be able to look back at this and wonder why you didn't join such a program earlier.

Success Stories and Testimonials about Former Businesses To Inspire Businesses

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Our portfolio of select business owner success stories will give you a sense of the challenges we faced.  When we started, we heard skepticism and this is a story of how we overcame such objections: 

  • “We’ve tried that before.”
  • “Such methods didn’t work for us in the past.“
  • “We don’t have the time now and we only need results” 
  • “We are in a bad economy, don’t have the budget”

And then converting them to strong supports for our programs to grow the business. Let me tell you, it wasn’t as easy as it sounds, but where there’s a will, there’s a way. Let’s explore profitability coach Houston.

These stories may remind you of your own struggles as a Houston area business owner – and we invite you to see the picture of similar business coaching results for your business and how it could change your life and help you grow the business.

Success Stories & Testimonials About One Houston Area SMALL BUSINESS Getting Fast Results:

The Houston area small business we’ll review had about 150 employees, roughly $200 million in sales and in the USA. But that year, the economy had been wavering and the market shifted to look at different products in a new focus on IT security. 

Many competitors were off target because client (business owner) expectations had shifted. Importantly, the Small Business Unit could reach their new goals for sales only if they started to “think out of the box.”

So I had to present the new business performance method to the Head of the Business (business owner) and his team. After looking at various best practices in time, team and money, he decided to let me offer this method of improving business results. I presented to the employees and oriented them to look differently at 6 areas of the business: Marketing, Sales, Strategy, Project Portfolio, Performance and Aftermarket Service. Armed with new knowledge, I evaluated the business using an advanced assessment and found 6 quick actions for the Head of the Business (business owner) and sat down to look at them in detail. Once we outlined the timeline for actions, it was clear we broke new ground. Within months of taking actions, the Small Business beat it’s goals soaring 40% in results –– which was remarkable –– considering how the economy was doing. The business grew when others shrunk. That’s the secret of coaching services. The small business owner decided to carry out this method every 6 months improving results and aligning employees to carry out its strategy. This gave birth to unseen productivity, thanks to the power of business coaching services.


Next, we’ll look at one Small Business Unit in South America having few hundred employees, in the Electrical and Electronic manufacturing industry. The Head of Business (business owner) wanted to understand a Strategic Program, which we rolled out to carry out the business mission, vision and values. 

He asked many great questions.

  • “So how do I know I’ll get better results if I carry out your Strategic Program?”
  • “We’ve heard about the time we need to invest in this coaching. Is it going to pay back?”

When I replied: “This Strategic Program will surely get your weekend back with your family for you. Is that reason enough for us to continue?, it sparked great interest and he agreed.

Through an approach of interviews and coaching services, I talked with many project managers, who were responsible for multi-million dollar project deliveries. We focused on 7 project management work skills –– Time, Risk, Quality, Ordering and Contract Management, Reporting and Team Management. I also crafted questions to evaluate the project managers for 4 soft skills–Change Management, Strategic Marketing, Leadership Development and Team Building.

Through carefully crafted interviews, I uncovered areas for improvement and prepared 20 senior project managers for certification. They had to still finish some training to close skill gaps. Importantly, I could find and show that project managers delivered on misaligned culture against the reporting layout and strategies of the Small Business Unit. Once the Head of the Business (business owner) saw these areas, he was instantly ready to take action and align the unit. 

He said: “Wow! I had no idea our teams missed our business strategies to attract our ideal customers. No wonder we didn’t get the results we could have for our business –– this is an eye-opener!”

In few months, the business unit increased its ability to book bigger orders –– up to 600 million dollars. Once teams aligned from new actions, the business had clarity and over 30% increase in productivity gains.

I drove the same strategic program for more than 80 countries resulting in similar performance as a business coach.

We can apply the same steps for strategic planning in Houston to many small businesses, where the business is looking to increase profits, align teams and recover time from the business.

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