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If you are reading this page, then you most likely need to STOP your struggle and STOP procrastination in its tracks. If you don't, you’ll leave without realizing your full potential!

Our Certified Business Unit Manager Program™ and operations management certification WORKS!

The challenge to efforts improving business development manager skills, operations management and delivering value is it involves quick decisions. You have to be ready and stop guessing!

Knowing and developing the right leader qualities, managing culture, understanding people’s strengths and putting them in the right jobs are key for a business leader and business development manager.

We have the PERFECT solution to this common requirement business leaders face…

Introducing the Certified Business Unit Manager™ program

It consists of 6 chapters in one program. This program is great for identifying:

  • Steps to develop (right) leader qualities
  • Steps to manage work culture
  • Steps to match people to the right jobs
  • Steps to understanding the method to develop leaders
  • Steps to define the right strategy and get it done
  • Steps to understand finance ratios for corporate business units

These are just a few of the ways you can ramp value for your business and carry out the right strategy effectively.

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How does the Business Unit Manager program work?

The business unit manager program is packed with ideas to create a specific background for you so you can aim for the business unit manager job. This program is ideal for increasing business value and you’ll get:

  • 6 must-have skills to boost your career and improve salary potential
  • Over 50 practical tips and techniques
  • Special Bonus Section: Finance Ratios
  • And more!
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PS: These are the same methods used by successful executives to achieve great career success and amazing salaries. Don't waste your money on college degrees and MBAs. Invest yourself in PRACTICAL KNOWLEDGE. That is exactly what successful executives do. They make intelligent choices.

The program is an industry trailblazer!

The business unit manager program is remarkably easy to access. If you have ever used a learning management tool online, you’ll have NO PROBLEM using this business unit manager program!

This method has been proved to WORK!

Here's a quick rundown of how you use the business unit manager program.

  1. On clicking the “I want to become Certified Business Unit Manager™ today!” button and finishing purchase, we’ll email you course access details.  
  2. You then enter the credentials, access the video, take the test and survey. The test does need you to take notes so you prepare. However, you can take it multiple times until you pass. 
  3. Once you pass you’ll earn your own online certificate, which you can print instantly. Next add the credential to your resume. 
  4. Then prepare the resume for the exact job description for the business unit manager before you apply.  If the job is in the same company, you may need to take a competency assessment. And then close gaps in your skills.

Take the program now and see your career soar like an eagle!

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If you are still on the fence, let me explain. There are two types of business leaders in this world:

  1. Those that know exactly how to grow their career, before they spend all the time they have, and
  2. Those that suffer years of frustration, loss and confusion because they don’t understand what is really going on when they take steps towards their career growth

What if I don't like the program? If you are unsatisfied for any reason, contact us inside 30-days from date of purchase for a full refund. See the refund guarantee below.

      Somesh Chablani, Global Head of Business Development and Sales at FIS
I highly recommend the Business Unit Manager course for anyone having a P&L responsibility or getting ready for a Business Unit Head role. Suresh Iyenger has vast experience in Business Strategy and explains each chapter very well. The quality and content of the course is top notch.


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