Typical PMO Director Job Description

Job Title: PMO (Program Management Office) Director


The PMO Director ensures all of Company’s major projects are planned, approved, and implemented to meet Company’s Risk Review requirements from the start. This includes delivery of pre-engineered, engineered and special purpose products and management of large commercial contracts.

The PMO Director further ensures that the proper mix of technical support, procurement resources, guidelines, procedures, consultants, and software are available to support multi-discipline project teams for projects in the development, planning, or implementation stage. This role will ensure sustained project management across engineered Operations, drive continuous improvement and leverage Project Management best practices.

The person should be able to act with the highest professionalism, exercise independent judgment and decision-making, while weighing the interests of multiple stakeholders.

Reports to: VP, Operations 

Essential Job Functions

  • Define and maintain standards for the project management team using Project Management Institute (PMI) guidelines, Quality Standards and Company requirements to implement projects in a manner that introduces economies of repetition, and meets financial expectations established at project start
  • Manage the prioritization of projects proposed by each of the business units in order to establish project management staffing levels, training, tools, and software across all Business Unit factories that will allow the project teams to achieve the Company’s objectives with respect to given projects
  • Provide leadership to ensure proper investments in tools, processes and people to govern Project Portfolio, Risk Reviews, Document Controls and Project Management training
  • Act as senior management to help settle disputes between Owner/Project Manager (Company) and the Contractor/Supplier/Customer in order to fairly settle project- related contractual and customer satisfaction issues
  • Report to Executive Management on all projects at regular intervals (via the Project Development Task Force) to inform management on issues and seek their counsel as required
  • As necessary, report to outside stakeholders (customers, suppliers, partners) on projects at intervals no less than what is required contractually
  • Identify and lead the negotiations to select appropriate contractors (EPC, equipment suppliers, and outage labor) to support execution of Business Development and major maintenance projects
  • Provide leadership to ensure assigned staff successfully achieves Company goals and objectives.


  • Certified PMO Director™ from Business Unit Execution LLC or equivalent
  • Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and/or Engineering
  • 2 years experience in global PMO driving strategic initiatives affecting project management such as Risk Review and Contracts
  • Work experience in products, including extensive quality and process requirements
  • Successful experience in project management and/or related functional area in a Company providing products, services and solutions
  • Strong financial knowledge and/or training with a highly developed understanding of operations, project processes and tools

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