Frequently Asked Questions–Business Careers

Questions About Certified PMO Director™ And Certified Business Unit Manager™ Courses

  • What's the difference between this certificate and the one from Project Management Institute?

    It's simple. We've crafted our certificate for specific careers. We've got specific job details. See the typical business unit manager job desription or the typical pmo director job description.

    So, our program is precise and not general. It is faster, effective, and more affordable!

    In only 3 hours you can earn your certificate. And show your organization that you're dedicated to moving your career forward. You'll demonstrate you want to add more value to the company!

    Don't you want results? This is the most effective way to get it.

  • What’s the guarantee this certificate course will help me in my career?

    Excellent question! This will add so much value to your career because it shows your initiative. You want to improve your skills and become a better leader.

    It sets you apart from anyone else at your organization because you went above and beyond the call of duty. You've shown you want to learn more about your profession and bring more value to the company.

    By finishing this program, you have prepared yourself to lead an organization as a Business Unit Manager or lead as a PMO Director. Such positions will typically affect revenues over $5MM per year.

    The price for your certificate in comparison is trivial.

  • How do I know if this certificate will promote me to a Business Unit Leadership role in my company?

    While no certification promises to promote you, such a certificate will put you in line for a Business Unit leadership role.

    Importantly, it will demonstrate your enthusiasm for the role. And it will help your human resources develop the next steps for your job.

  • How can I get my company to recognize this certification?

    Once you earn your certificate from Business Unit Execution LLC, you can work with your HR to apply and then arrange for a job interview. Typically, if they find gaps, you will need to close them..

  • What is the benefit to a company in getting Business Unit Managers certified and in the pipeline?

    Certified BU Managers can increase the company's capacity for execution of orders, keep good people in the company, shorten the cycle for building leaders, build a career path for various managers, increase competitive edge and avoid a vacuum when the existing leader leaves.

  • How long does it take to finish the course and earn the certificate?

    It takes about 3 hours. From the time you pay to the time you print the certificate, you can do it all by yourself.

    You don't have to ask anyone any question. You go through the course step by step.

    It's like you're getting executive coaching through an online course.

  • Get the Business Unit Manager Program or Get the PMO Director Program. How can you go wrong when you're trying to add value to your career?.
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